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How to tell a Real Psychic from a Con-Artist

Finding an Ethical Psychic


A Psychic is simply someone who is open and tuned in to the universal consciousness. He/She gets impressions in the form of feelings, visions, intuitive knowing or hearing.

Although we often call people who are psychic “gifted”, everyone actually has the ability to develop their psychic gifts. Some psychics are very developed and others are underdeveloped, meaning they aren’t as accurate in their interpretations.

Con Artists are people who just want your money. They are people who will tell you that you have a spell or curse on you and if you pay them a sum of money they will remove it! Or they are very vague with their readings.

A real psychic who is an ethical psychic genuinally wants to help you!

You can normally tell a genuine real psychic from a con artist just because they feel genuine. You have your own senses and intuition and you need to learn to trust this, just as you would in any situation. If what a psychic is telling you rings true for you then you know that she is speaking the truth. If it doesn’t ring true than either she isn’t getting a clear impression or is pulling rabbits out the hat, so to speak.

A real psychic does not necessarily mean an ethical psychic. There are many people with very active psychic abilities who are not well grounded or healthy in their own lives. If you are truly seeking guidance you will want someone who is solid in themselves to help you.

An ethical psychic will tell you if she isn’t getting any impressions about the question you have asked or the issue at hand, and she will not accept your money if she cannot help you.

When choosing a psychic, follow your heart and your gut. If you are genuine in your desire for spiritual guidance you should attract someone who can sincerely help you. But be careful in seeking pie in the sky answers. An ethical psychic will only give you information that is for your highest good and the highest good for all involved.

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