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Future Psychic Predictions


A Reading For Our Future!

future psychic predictionsThroughout the ages there have been those who have predicted the future giving us psychic insight into where we are headed. There are always great visions of doom and gloom, death and destruction as we are faced with wars and devastating earth catastrophes.

Our history and our future are more tied together than we might realize. If you look at where we have been it gives insight to where we are going. There is a pattern to things. There is a cycle of repetition that occurs. Even as we look at clothing styles we see old styles coming around again with just a little different twist.

However the future is never pre-determined. As a species we have free will and it is this freedom that influences where we are going. To give a prediction of the future is simply to give a probability. I could say based on where we are right now this would be the most likely probability as to where we are headed.

I see a new world emerging! I see us breaking away from the patterns of our past and stepping into a whole new reality! Armageddon, Revelations, 2012 prophesies are all part of this emerging new reality.

In order for a new world to come into being the old must die and this is where the focus on doom and gloom comes in. We are witnessing the falling away of the old world and for many this has become the focus.

Most religions and spiritual belief systems foresee a place called heaven. Many believe this place is where we go after our physical death but there are some who believe we are in the process of creating heaven on earth.

This is what I see! Darkness is the force of destruction and Love is the force behind the birthing a new world. Both forces are important in this dance called life. Just as day and night are important. Some may be afraid of the dark and others embrace their fears and rise above them. This is the prescription for the birthing of a new world. We must embrace our fear and step into the power of love.

The new world is awakening as one by one we get the inner calling to step out apart from the crowd and embrace a new way of being. I see the world lighting up like a Christmas tree. With each awakening light the world becomes brighter. Across the earth there are points of light all connecting, linking up and the more lights that join the awakening network the more power we have to usher in this new world.

The visions of doom and gloom actually belong to the dark forces of the universe; because if we see only darkness, death and destruction we live in fear. Fear is what keeps us from love and it is love that changes the world.

As the new world emerges there will be some cataclysms that look like catastrophe but know they are only birthing pains. There will be physical death and good people will die; However, this physical death is only part of the illusion. On a spiritual level many are choosing to help usher in the new world from the other side of the veil. They are not gone! There is no death really, only birth. So as one form passes away another form comes into being.

As we move forward we must not allow the illusion of darkness to deter us from our vision of heaven on earth, because it is our vision that is creating the new world.

I See a world where we are all living in harmony! Where there is an abundance of good organic whole food to eat, fresh water to drink and clean air to breath. I See a world where every man, woman and child is loved and cared for. I see a world where all of our gifts are valued and each of us have our livelihood in doing what we love to do. I see a world with no borders and all belief systems are honored and respected. I see a world where love is King and Kindness and Compassion is Queen. I see a world where we are all healed and healthy, living vibrant, creative lives. I see a world where we are all seen as beautiful and all valued in our uniqueness.

Heaven on earth is a bountiful earth. It is a return to the Garden of Eden where everything is sacred.

Do not fear the darkness! Walk through it with courage and you will emerge into the light!


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