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Please email me to set up your reading. Be sure to let me know what your time zone is and what the best times are for you.

You don't need to pay until your appointment time is scheduled but I will need to have received your payment before the reading. If we run over you can simply pay the difference after the reading.

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What Others are Saying!


I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness, your words of wisdom.. and for your willingness to sit though my ramblings. Your patience and counsel brought about a tremendous shift in my state of beingness. In the course of less than an hour you brought me into much deeper levels of understanding my Self and have given me far greater clarity on my path. Thank you.

with love and gratitude, Jon

I wanted to tell you that you have a special energy that comes through even in emails. Your messages have a quality of love, genuineness and holiness about them. I feel very blessed to have been in contact with you and received this information from you. I will let you know how things turn out.

Much love to you. Thanks again.

Wow! that was sooo on target! Way more than I had expected given that it was done online.


I felt that Kaleah sensed the situation accuratly. It gave me some peace to hear what I thought affirmed and helped me to find a direction.


Very helpful in allowing me to understand my situation and how to proceed.


Your reading validated what my heart and intuition had been preparing me to do, I am well on my way to the spiritual place I had longed to be.


Kaleah is a healer. She pointed out an important aspect of my mind set that I need to change as not to attract similar negative experiences.


The reading pointed out a reality that I had not contemplated..."It's Okay to love your ex, it's not Okay to have a relationship with her."


I felt the reading gave me strength and encouragement. She identified my guilt for introducing bad role models into my family.


Let me tell you a little about what to expect when you contact me for a reading.

Get a psychic reading with KaleahI’ve never really called myself a psychic up until recently. Although I know I have been psychic all my life.

I’ve been naturally drawn to counseling and healing others through various modalities but lately I have felt strongly guided to fully embrace my psychic gifts and focus my healing work more on issues of personal and spiritual growth.

When I meet people I normally have a strong impression about them. Often times it is like I can see right into them and see things they themselves can’t see. I have had many experiences where I have told people what I was picking up about them and they had no conscious idea what they were feeling. This is because sometimes we burry our feelings so deeply in order to protect ourselves we aren’t conscious of what is really going on.

When I work with people I share my psychic impressions and explore what it means to them. This way we can delve a little deeper into the issue and work to clear it. When working through phone or email we talk a little bit first so I can get a feeling or connection with someone.

Although I bill in 30 minute increments I suggest if you have a strong issue you want to work on that you make an appointment with me for 60 minutes. That time will be a combination of a psychic reading and intuitive guidance counseling to help you process through your issue.

It is my goal with you to help you become strong in yourself and your own intuitive abilities; therefore, I discourage anyone becoming dependent on any psychic. We all have intuition and it is my hope that our relationship will help you to develop your own intuition more strongly so you can find your own answers.

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