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Healing With Sound

Kaleah healing with sound







This is a photo taken by Blair Carl during one of Kaleah's concerts showing the healing energy present in the room. The rainbow energy is naturally created and not digitally produced. Learn more about Kaleah's Music

Healing with sound is a powerful way to clear negative and unwanted energies from your life. It is my belief that stuck energy leads to everything from Obesity and disease to depression and lethargy.

I like to look at it as a tube with a big dark mass preventing the flow of water. The water pushes up against the mass but doesn’t have enough force to push through and release the flow. The water represents our life force energy and the dark mass represents stuck energy which can be anything from trauma, grief, and anger to dark entities attaching to our energy field.

I have been a musician all my life and only recently have I realized just how powerful sound is in healing and releasing stuck energy. I noticed when I performed that my music would often bring people to tears. It wasn’t that the music was sad, it was that it was breaking down emotional walls and once again allowing the energy to flow throughout the body.

I’ve had a pretty powerful dream that I used a strong tone to clear the blockage of energy in my life. In my dream I had this obstruction before me. The obstruction was some kind of dark energy that was threatening my well-being and the well-being of others. I drew upon this incredible inner power and let out a tone that reminded me of a fog horn. I held the tone and focused it on the obstruction and like a hurricane it blew it to pieces.

I believe that dream was telling me just how powerful healing with sound can be to do just what I did in my dream. Since dis-ease in any form whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, is derived from a blockage of energy. Sound has the ability to go right into the area that is blocked and, in a sense, blow it apart to allow for the energy to flow again.

Sound also has the ability to increase or lower vibration depending on what kind of sound you are listening to. For example loud heavy metal music with a lot of dark lyrics can bring the listeners energy vibration down. Whereas listening to a beautiful harmonious piece of music can lift the energy vibration up.

Science has proven that we are much more able to manifest good things in our life such as love, abundance, excellent health and joy when our energy vibration is higher. Since like attracts like we tend to pull to us, magnetically, people that are vibrating on the same frequency that we are. So it is important to do what we can to vibrate at higher frequencies.

More and more practitioners are healing with sound in the form of toning, tuning forks and chanting. The music world is bountiful with sound healing CD’s that focus on anything from toning, drumming, Native American flutes and chanting, and beautiful angelic voices that seem to open doorways to the divine.

Although Sound Healing CD’s can be wonderful and it is good to have a powerful collection of them at home, I recommend if you are seeking the ultimate experience in healing with sound that you have a live experience. It is always more powerful when it is in the moment, right now and you are bringing your own energy.

You will be able to tell if your sound healing is effective by the way you feel. Many people report feeling better right away, feeling more energetic and in better spirits. When you walk away from your healing sound experience feeling better than when you came in, you know it is working in your life.

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